QLS Roller Classic Tube Roller

General Info

QLS Roller provides gentle highly efficient rocking and rolling motions, ideal for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions. Used for prevention of blood coagulation, immune precipitation and other applications.


  • Rocking and rolling motions for complete mixing
  • Speed range of 0-70rpm
  • Six roller design with small footprint and easy cleaning
  • Designed for continuous operation




Voltage[VAC] 100-240
Frequency[Hz] 50/60
Power[W] 25
Rocking motion Rocking and rolling
Amplitude 24
Max. load capacity [kg] 4
Motor type DC motor
Number of rollers 6
Roller length [mm] 280
Speed range[rpm] 0-70
Operation type Continuous
Dimensions[D×W×H mm] 450x260x120
Weight[kg] 4.5
Permissible ambient temperature[℃] 5-40
Permissible relative humidity 80%
Protection class IP21

Ordering Information

SM5000 QLS Tube Roller,  UK plug, 100-240V, 50/60Hz