General Info

ThermaDry are Benchtop drying ovens, the range consists of four models with different chamber capacities including 30L, 50L, 80L and 136L, can be used for various applications including drying, sterilisation, wax melting and other applications in scientific research and various laboratories. The door has glass viewing window with clear view of the interior. The temperature control system provide precise temperature control, the set temperature and the temperature in the cabinet are digitally displayed.


  • PID controller
  • Exterior made of stainless steel 304, inner chamber is galvanized sheet.
  • Uniform distribution of air temperature
  • Forced-air convection
  • Double layer glass door with large viewing window.
  • Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely. (Optional)
  • RS485 connector is option which can connect computer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature. (Optional)





Model ThermaDry-30 ThermaDry-50 ThermaDry-80 ThermaDry-130
Power Supply 220V, 50HZ
Temperature Range RT+10 - 300℃
Display Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature variation ±1℃ (at 37℃)
Ambient temperature +5 - 40℃
Power Consumption 850W 1100W 1550W 2050W
Chamber Volume 30L 50L 80L 136L
Interior Dimension (mm) 340×320×320 420x395x350 450×400×450 550×450×550
Overall Dimension (mm) 620×530×490 720x590x520 740×618×630 840×670×730
Shelves 2(pcs)
Timing Range 1-9999min

Ordering Information

TOV-30 ThermaDry-30 drying over, 300℃, 30 litres
TOV-50 ThermaDry-50 drying over, 300℃, 50 litres
TOV-80 ThermaDry-80 drying over, 300℃, 80 litres
TOV-130 ThermaDry-130 drying over, 300℃, 136 litres
TOV-ALARM Independent temperature-limiting Alarm
TOV-RS485 RS485 connector